Autumn & winter timber building maintenance

It’s that time of year where maintenance on your garden timber buildings will help to prolong the life of the building.  Remove any leaves from the gutters. It is easy to say ‘we will do that at the weekend’, but before you know it, a week’s gone past, a month and so on and another season has gone past, and your timber building has been forgotten about! 

Pressure-treated (tanalised) timber has chemicals impregnated under high pressure to ensure that the preservatives penetrate deep into the timber to give it a longer life. This is a maintenance free treatment against rot. 

For additional maintenance our customers often use the following products:

For a clear finish, the application of a water proofer, such as Thompson’s Water Seal, may be applied to the cladding to repel damp.For a traditional stained finish use Cuprinol Garden Wood Preserver.  For a painted finish use Sadolin Superdec .

In addition, all joinery products used in our offices and studios will require painting with gloss paint or a micro-porous timber treatment, such as manufactured by Sikkens.  The treatment interval for these products is 4 – 5 years.  Care should be taken to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not apply different products over each other.