Why use Pressure Treated timber

There are many products on the market for treating timber. The claims made by the manufacturers sound very impressive. However, any product which is sprayed or brushed onto the surface of the timber can only ever be skin deep. These products will need to be constantly reapplied at regular intervals.

To protect timber thoroughly, for a long life, the best option is pressure treatment. This process, often called tanalising, involves placing the timber in a vacuum tank. Here, the moisture is extracted from the timber and the chemicals are injected into it under extreme pressure. In this way the chemicals are absorbed deep into the wood. The softer parts of the timber will absorb the most chemicals. Manufacturers of this process give a 15 year guarantee on such timber. All Shields Buildings are made from pressure treated timber. We believe in providing the best possible protection for our products.

People often ask if they need to treat pressure treated timber. Our advice is to treat the timber with a good quality oil based preservative, such as Cuprinol Garden Wood Preserver, after five years and then at five yearly intervals. An oil based preservative will shed rain droplets and help to keep the timber dry.

Pressure treated timber

Use Pressure treated ‘tanalised’ timber for a long life



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